Personalized web-based tool offering self-service technical support and solutions database.


iSupport is now available exclusively through the portal.


Welcome to iSupport, Ulticom's 24-hour technical support tool, designed to enhance the way customers interact with Ulticom's Help Desk. iSupport is a secure and personalized web-based tool offering self-service technical support via the Internet. Ulticom recently enhanced iSupport to include a Signalware solutions database that enables customers to access a collection of solutions to common Signalware support-related questions and issues.


The enhanced iSupport empowers customers to search for Signalware solutions, as well as create and view their Service Requests (SRs) in real-time. Customers now have more control over their SRs and the ability to:

  • Reduce their resolution time by providing immediate solutions to many commonly asked Signalware questions via the Signalware solutions database
  • Directly enter Service Requests (SRs) into the Ulticom SR database
  • Obtain real-time "snapshots" of essential SR information
  • Increase the quality of their interaction with Ulticom's Technical Support Team
  • Improve their customer satisfaction and overall customer experience
  • Pro-actively query common Signalware solutions

Any new SR submitted after hours via iSupport will be processed the next business day. Premium support customers will continue to report after-hours issues using their existing reporting methods.


An on-line tutorial is also available to assist users with both iSupport and the new Signalware solutions database. Click 9789721320 to access the tutorial for iSupport and the Signalware solutions database tutorial.


Note: iSupport is designed to handle product related issues only. Any questions regarding iSupport or the Signalware solutions database should be directed to iSupport Assistance.


If you experience any difficulty with your login or iSupport, please contact Ulticom Technical Support via iSupport Assistance located on the iSupport homepage or by calling: 888.395.6664 (inside North America) or +1.856.787.2765 (outside North America).


iSupport and the Signalware solutions database are best viewed with supported Microsoft Internet Explorer browser versions 5.x & 6.x and Netscape Navigator browser versions 4.7.3+


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