Instead of beating around the bush, Jones got straight to the point.

It's Friday.


Could we start immediately?


He played the girl a piece of music of his own writing.


I'm grateful that you're safe.

They will help.

It is impossible for me to answer the question.

Why don't you come inside and we can talk about it?

I had a pretty happy childhood.

The other day something horrible happened in a Tokyo suburb.

Stanly took over.

They require me to work harder.

Alain realized he was in deep trouble.

I cannot lift this box.

He introduced his daughter to me.

He goes there at 6 p.m.

She came to pick me up.

We can't leave him alone.

There might have been an error during transmission.


Lucie isn't here. She's doing her good deed of the week.

I always study hard.

Ramon is coming down the stairs.

Bring me the newspaper, please.

This is really cool.


I am looking for a cream color long sleeve shirt.

There has been progress made.

Ernest is the best father I know.


Carsten didn't even know where to start.

What's Nanda doing in there?

Oskar isn't being very helpful, is he?

This tree is more than a century old.

What did you think it was?

He makes me feel special.

That's dry information.


Will you please come to my party?


Just because you didn't know about it doesn't mean it is a lie.


They are angry at your ill manners.


I've got some matches right here.

A loved one is always smelled.

The weather stayed bad.

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That seems correct to me.

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French isn't as difficult to learn as some people think.


The general gave the order to retreat.

Spencer knows the terminology.

The sun will shine again soon.

I must look a sight.

What does it matter to us?

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Don't let him run away.

As long as we're together, all the sorrow is nothing but an occasion to become closer.

What a pair!


She's quite a handful.

I'd like to learn.

I'm so happy to be home.

Do you feel like going out? Well you can't; you always have to stay here with the child.

Chip was afraid Himawan was going to die.

Will you have some more cake?

I studied for one hour.

He looks as young as ever.

I had the good luck to find him at home.

Misdirected discontentment on the left and right boiled over into violent incidents across the country.

Wow, that looks tasty.

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Owen enjoys mountain climbing.

Nicholas is writing a letter to Juergen.

Yesterday, I found a tiny piece of land for sale in a quiet residential area and I immediately decided to buy it.

If even I don't know this, how would you know?

She is certainly above forty.

I sometimes think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.

I cannot harvest. I don't have a sickle.

The man has more bread than his wife.

I don't look like that.

You were the first one here today.

Children sometimes have imaginary friends.

Manolis examined it closely.

Tor didn't need it.

Kimberly opened the drawer again and took out a notepad.

Good morning, Helen.


Nobody can disturb a true friendship.

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You are losing blood.


I won't go back with you.


We're mounting it!

Let me know when you need me again.

Can you swim as fast as he?

Roberta asked Gregge what the weather had been like while he was away.

Arson is a criminal act.


I only found out about that a few days ago.


Thanks again for rescuing me, again.

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I don't have time for all of this.

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I have already finished my homework.

They're not going to give up on us.

I saw a friend of mine yesterday.

She was satisfied that he was honest.

I'm carrying out Novo's orders.

Paola didn't tell me why he didn't want to go.

If you realize you've done something wrong, then you should have a conscience and fix it as much as possible.

I have steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, and coffee.

This fact must not be forgotten.


Rudy said he wanted to talk to me.


Welcome back, Eli. We've missed you.


How could I not have heard that before?


Bryce denied those rumors.

Things are not that simple.

You don't love me, do you?

The weather is sunny.

We'll protect Geoff.


Then they played Jump The Daisies and Run Through The Clover.


Both sides should compromise.


You learned to dive when you were five, didn't you?

Haumea has a rotation period of about 4 hours. This is faster than any other known body larger than 100 km in diameter. Scientists believe this rapid rotation was caused by a long ago collision that also created its moons.

What's the best university in Germany?

Johnny told me he was different from all the other guys.

We have a choice now.

I fixed a small leak in the roof of her shed.

You've fallen in love with me?

It's no use thinking about one's lost youth.

Don't forget to call me up tonight.

The earthquake occurred at dawn.

He hasn't arrived yet.

Your will is unimportant in love. We don't choose who we love.

Alejandro's back pain was torturing her.

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I'll get even with him!

Some people believe that polar bears walk around freely in the streets of Norway. Luckily, it's just nonsense.

Do any of you know what to do in case of an emergency?

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The squirrel climbed the tree.

Where is the snack machine?

We learned that oil floats on water.

As the king stroked her wings she was changed into a beautiful woman, and he recognised his dear wife.

Someone leaked the secret to the enemy.


I enjoy taking pictures.

I swear I didn't see him.

We became friends and started dating.


Are the children at school?

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When I read about the untranslatability of some language, I feel an irresistable urge to go back to my desk and translate another novel.


She looked me angrily in the face.

Do you need to leave now?

My brother goes to college in Tokyo.

He made a lot of money in New York and went back to the small town where he was born.

If you were more ambitious, you could go a long way.

Maybe Thuan is in love.

Let her carry it.

Read both sides and then decide for yourself.

Which is the best hotel in the town?

Bruce started groaning.

Electric wires were broken in many places from the heavy snowfall.

We captured the thief.

If Markku had had more time, he would have written Liisa a longer letter.

You expect too much of your child.

The following is what he told me.

The police will just take the money and probably won't even look for the owner.

Greg didn't mention what he was planning to do.

Mr. Young wishes his son would study harder.

Nobody's seen him in a month.


I affected not to understand what he was saying.

What color is his sweater?

You will notify Olof, won't you?

Could you write this sentence again? It's not clear.

You should leave immediately.

We're glad you're with us.

I admit, at that time I was a little drunk.

I translate only for my manager.

Perhaps this pocketknife will come in handy someday.

Achille was born in Paris in 1908.

She seldom, if ever, goes to bed before eleven.