Go straight, and you will find the station.

Does this mean you're not coming to help?

The king had fifteen thousand horsemen at his command.

I wonder what your plans are.

Give it mouth !

We agree, you will come to dinner at our house.

Do you think he still looks at my pictures?

As the weather became colder, he went from bad to worse.


The kitchen of our neighbor is smaller than ours.

As a pianist, he's much better than I am.

I laid a blanket over her.


I still have dates available in October for home parties.

I don't understand why you hang out with her all the time.

You can't tell anybody.

Inter-family is more likely than intra-family conflict to result in violence. Or is it?

I stay home.

I have tons of books at the office.

I met her one winter day.

I was so busy today that I didn't have time to eat lunch.

Shall I check the oil?


Conrad showed up in Boston three days after he said he would.

The gentlemen at this table were naval commanders during the first Gulf War.

Cristi won't be busy.

This place has a mysterious atmosphere to it.

I'm really worried.


I simply don't have the time.

I can't compete.

He told me to be kind to others.


Kimberly is running into debt.

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I studied this phenomenon for a long time.


I love watching golf.


"Why are you so cool?" "I was born this way."

A tomato is a red vegetable.

She knows Julia.

Everybody in the family wore glasses and Dan was no exception.

You can't hurt me any more than you already have.

It's strangely quiet here.

Matthieu spoke to Giles for the first time yesterday.

The story had a happy ending.

Many people were deceived by the advertisement.

Don't shoot. I'm coming out.

The journey to China was strenuous, so I'm rather tired.

I think it's a good law.

Let's look back on the history of the United States.

I want to learn Hebrew.

Sjouke, answer me!

He took it in his stride.

Gregge told me the story of his life.

I bought this for Marnix.

I need to wash my clothes.

Michel opened his duffel bag.

What an insane world we live in.


Why don't you tell Betsy how you really feel?

I'll clean up this mess for you.

There are a lot of students in the library.

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I've never spoken with Mysore in French.

I took it for granted that you were on our side.

They prefer whole-grain cereals.

It really happened, didn't it?

It looks like Cathrin is winning.


His kind acts earned him the respect of the people.

I'd like you to meet my brother, Seenu.

Helen lived a hard life.

Don't tell me. Tell Part.

The world population is expanding at the rate of nearly 90 million people a year.

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the news.

This isn't like her.

Can I offer you another piece of cake?

Newcomers are warned not to ask Briggs whether he really likes stoats that much, since his customary reply to that question is to shout 'OH YES!' at the top of his lungs.

Please, get into the meeting room.

Kurt stayed over.

When children play, they often make believe they are grownup.

They were traitors.


We think of Derek as an honest man.

Want fries with that?

I think I saw a UFO last night.


I want to be a stay at home dad.

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She's been learning German for a year now.

Wait a while.

You can swim, can't you?

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Tell Joshua that I'm too tired to help him.

I don't know why it's taking so long.

I have received personal information, from a very high quarter, that a certain document of the last importance, has been purloined from the royal apartments.

Why can't you tell us?

Doug did what was necessary.

We're here for them.

Mwa arrived with food and drinks.

He attained his goal.

Vistlik told me that he was planning to go to Boston.

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Hillary recovered some property from his ex-wife.

You absolutely may not cut pictures out of the books on the bookcase.

He is above criticism.

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She could not come on account of illness.

How could we have not seen that?

I can't agree with you more.

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Manjiro played a part in making the two countries friends with each other.

Last weekend was boring for me.

Your shoes are untied.

I think it might work.

What makes a person do that?


Fish have gills and fins.


I don't want to talk to anyone today.

It's really coming down! There are puddles all over the street, and water is pouring down from the rooftops.

Can you tell what kind of apple this is?

Two children were playing on the road.

Everyone is anxious to know what has become of the former champion.

Hector said Dieter was doing fine.

He believes that the moon landings never happened.


Don't ever change.

Living near the school, I usually walk there.

Liber is a goal keeper.

The creek was frozen.

You said you'd help him.

Randolph doesn't seem to be nervous.

Damon came yesterday to see you.

You need to wash this shirt.

I've been to Australia.


He did not come till noon.

The rose gives off a sweet odor.

Maria is a very lazy person.

Can someone help me here?

What shall we play?

We found Rod alone at the camp.

His secret life came to light at last.


Are you guys having a good time?


I think something scared her.

He didn't just eat 1 pear, but 3.

My words are golden.

She likes short skirts.

He is so impolite that everyone hates him.

You'll embarrass him.

The child threw a tantrum because he wanted me to buy him a toy.

What is he up to?

Mitch has given so much.

What will become of the children after his death?

Now I recognize you.

Miek is a professional gambler.

Arnold slept with his shoes on.

We waited with a faint expectation.

Ted usually goes to the movies on Friday night.


Some analysts consider Somalia as the failed state par excellence.


I need the money I requested as soon as possible.


They should sue her.

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Were you really that frustrated?


Can you come pick me up?

Hurry, help.

Music gratifies the ears.

We all have done that.

Can you pay attention?

Somebody came to see me while I was out.

Boston is a nice city.


I don't feel at home in her company.

The train is sure going fast.

Where are the metres?

You missed us, didn't you?

I don't know whether they've hired some janitors.

They cancelled the festival.

Just stay still.


This isn't as crazy as you think.

I can't convey my feelings in words.

I change my underwear every day.


You're definitely the person for the job.

I want to have my breakfast.

Is this your family?

Who did you meet there?

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day.


I'm ready to work hard.