What We Do

Overseas Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of proprietary controlled-release technologies and their application in the development of second-generation products.


Design pre-clinical and clinical studies of oral-modified release products using our proprietary technologies. Conduct human clinical studies on healthy subjects and patients. Collaborate with the current owners of brand products or companies with strong marketing powers.


Develop proprietary controlled-release technologies and apply our platform to develop second-generation products as an extension of current products on the market. Further develop the technologies into commercial products and license our technologies.


Deliver value-added products that are safer, more efficacious, and provide better patient compliance to meet the unmet clinical needs. Generate revenues for shareholders through the co-development of NDA products and licensing out technologies to other partners.

News Updates

Stay up-to-date on new progress that is taking place as well as important events and other things that are happening in relation to our company.

Advanced Technology

Each of these technologies has its own unique characteristics. These proprietary technologies enable the drug to achieve releases at different times, rates, and locations.

Mech-trol ®

Exponential release: Allows the achievement of various release profiles by only varying the processing parameters. It also generates release profiles from slow release to fast release.


Bi-lock ®

Immediate release of one layer and controlled release of the second layer: Generates a more stable physical bi-layer tablet and enables a combination of two releases from each layer.

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U-trol ®

Release at different times and rates: Enables a pulsatile release of multiple APLs in one unit to achieve a stable plasma concentration. An excellent solution for combination products with different releases.

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Want to work with us?

We welcome collaboration opportunities with pharmaceutical companies to develop new pharmaceutical drug products using our proprietary oral drug delivery technologies.