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Concise distillation of current research discoveries into functional tools.

Topics we love: educational psychology, cognitive modeling, data science. Starting from a formal grounding in these disciplines, we designed an environment that incorporates established best practices and current trends.

Our goal with this environment: Build a system to fully automate the process of student assessment.


Free teachers to spend more time teaching


Enable researchers to verify learning theories


Improved student outcomes

Testing is a critical step in learning, not the end goal. With responsive tools that automatically personalize content, we can deliver the insight that instructors need with the detail that everyone wants.

Areas where real-time analysis is applied:

  • How students progress through problems
  • What the common bottlenecks in understanding are
  • Where instruction time can best be spent


Powerful tools from a modern architecture that stays out of the way.

Educators want to spend time teaching, not managing technology. Researchers want to spend time interpreting results, not wrangling data. We want to spend time improving learning. These goals can be addressed in a single framework.

We'll avoid the buzzwords when describing our system. It should be secure, fast, and help you do your job. Otherwise, you should never notice it.

We are filling our repositories with useful information that is a joy to discover.


Expressive insights for instructors, students, and researchers.

Choose your topics. Pick the type of test. That's as complicated as it should be.

Let us automate the busy work so you have more time with your students.

We believe keeping the student engaged is the number one priority for successful learning. A rich environment combined with intuitive controls is our first step in making that happen.

Both educators and students are better off the more we learn about learning. Toward this end, we employ an open model that encourages collaboration with the academic community, keeping information flowing in both directions.

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    Founded in 2016, edage Learning builds tools to improve learning.

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