Sarah, I believe you have what it takes to be a great volleyball player.

"I am the most beautiful tree in the garden," exclaimed the peach tree, "or even in the whole world!"

I don't give a shit what he says. There is no way he could've pulled that off.

I sure hope that's not true.


His colleague was transferred to an overseas branch.

Warren and Heinrich both wanted to go to Boston, but neither of them could get the time off.

Do you support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

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My girlfriend's name is Dorian.

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They are sitting on the lawn and the ground.

I know Devon will get the job done.

You must think I'm really stupid.

He is doing business on a large scale.

You're home early today.

He was anxious for his brother to meet you.

Why would you think that?

Do you need them?

How about some more coffee?

I won't be able to carry Nanda across the bridge.

Francis was able to get us all tickets to tonight's concert.

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Why are you planning on doing that?

Malcolm doesn't know who started the rumor.

Could you please go buy bread at the baker's, two small ones and a large one please? And if they ran out, you can buy four thin baguettes instead.

Don't forget to tip the porter for carrying your luggage.

List is tired of dealing with Kirsten.


He was confident of his antibodies.

Let me take you back home.

Naginata is one of Japan's traditional martial arts.

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Kristian plays the cello with one of the local orchestras.

Ji didn't promise me anything.

He thinks only about himself.


Ellen told us he loved skiing.

I answered the door.

They took to the field with all the panoply of modern warfare.


They take their meals at the hotel.


I'd like to put some money into my account.


Margie won $10,000 in the lottery.

I really don't think that's a good idea.

Matti took off right away.

I don't want her at my party.

Why don't you run along?

I showed Vice the way.

The karaoke shop is especially crowded on Saturdays.

He's nothing more than a useful idiot.

Rajendra swims very fast.

I don't know what I'll do when you're gone.

She surprised him when she arrived early.

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This man is incompetent.

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Francisco was looking for Bart.

Jesper has a stomachache.

He made a bunch of money.


Too many people have serious issues with Italian language.

It's hard to relax when I have a headache.

You cannot learn too much about your own language.

How lucky we are!

That girl wants a good slap!

I've been to Boston often enough.

Cynthia works as a bank clerk during the week and as a part-time lifeguard on weekends.

I don't intend to be selfish.

The dishwasher's broken.

Because of its origins, Canadian English has features of both American and British English.

Do you think Gill helped Stephanie, too?


They were killed.


I think we need a whole new approach.

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Snakes are -to a certain extent- deaf, but can still hear very low sounds and are very sensitive to smells.

I got over it. You should, too.

Eggs are sold by the dozen.

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I'm a little busy now.


They weren't kidding.


She begged him not to go there.

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Dylan didn't know he'd hurt anybody.

Judith is a very bad driver.

Tears were rolling down her cheek.

We all loved him.

I wonder if Debbie still likes Jean-Christophe.

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I was trying to help.

The crew were all waiting for the news.

It's a question of when not if.

She is likely to come.

Give me three weeks.

Until what time does your pharmacy stay open?

It's free for European Union citizens.

The man came to a dead stop.

It's already nighttime.


Esperanto adverbs are distinguished by the ending 'e'.


Let's see Claire do that.

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We need to stay awake.


Nhan seldom goes out.


Keep at it!


In order to cross from one sentence to the other, Clayton was stretching out his arm. Ruth clung firmly onto it and jumped over the dot, avoiding to fall into the space.


She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

We really want to win.

That will buy us time.


I aim at ducks, but I don't shoot them.

Troubles are everywhere; in front of you, on your left, on your right. You can't escape.

Now pay attention, children.

I know exactly what you mean.

He is above cheating in examinations.

The baseball game was called off because of rain.

Televisions with vacuum tubes are regarded as being behind the times.


Stanislaw might not be hungry yet.

Why doesn't she look at me anymore?

He interrupted her while she was speaking.

I don't have an account at that branch of Tokai Bank.

Liber deserves another chance.

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Gideon is the head of the household.

Dion reluctantly went.

He was as good a man as I had thought.


If you have some questions, please refer to this guidebook.

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Panos called for help.

I don't care about any of those things.

I'm not speaking to Tigger.

Life is full of disappointments.

I have always wanted to try it.

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I'm surprised Wade isn't carrying her in his purse.

Indeed she is not beautiful, but she is good-natured.

The Venus de Milo is the perfection of beauty.

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It isn't over yet.

Jared nearly died after eating some raw liver.

We're checking it now.

If you don't have money, you have to do without.

The wind sounds scary, like screaming ghosts.

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Dan was arrested and charged with Linda's murder.


In molecular gastronomy, completely new appliances are used.


Duke knew Laurent wasn't very hungry.


I don't understand what this sentence means.

Here in Boston, things are different

Nope, not at all.

There are a lot of results and a calculation mistakes.

Donal seems to be really happy.

Tofu is a good accompaniment for sake.

Why would you need to do that?


We had a terrible time in the blizzard.

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You can't leave here.

They're creepy.

It's no small matter.

Why don't you guys go home and get some rest?

I have lunch plans with her.

There's nothing wrong with it.

There is food enough for us.

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I don't have a cell phone.


You're far too pessimistic.


Pierce is just three years old.


He was scared to admit that he didn't know.

I have a low opinion of Johnny.

I asked Ira if he was busy.

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Smooth out your dress.


She missed her chance.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Hurry up, the train stops here for a short while.

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You are kidding me, aren't you?

I know a lot of good restaurants.

I'd like another glass of water, please.