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This letter has to be sent right away.

When my old man kicked the bucket last month, he left me only enough money to pay my debt with.

A microwave oven gets food hot in an instant.

You call me just when you need me.

It's four o'clock by my watch.

Police! Drop your weapon!

I'm not here to hurt anybody.

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She abandoned me.

Lukas put his hand on mine.

your eyes are beautiful

Losers are always in the wrong.

I've never heard someone type so loud in my entire life.


It was dark in the room.

No one's told me anything.

Francois, what's the matter?

Deb seems to have fallen into some kind of a coma.

Lucy would often play the piano after dinner.


Don't go, my friends.

I really don't understand what's up with her.

You've done nothing wrong.

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It's gotten dark.

It should be noted that the duty continues after a notice of allowance is mailed and the issue fee is paid.

Raghu has done a terrific job.

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Ernest wondered whether he should let Janet go to Boston with John.

We were lucky. It didn't rain.

I know one thing, that I know nothing.

I'm taking him home with me.

What do you think of our love?

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He gave them food and money.

Wasn't it awful?

I'm sure Giles will ask you to the dance.

Elliott looked through the telescope.

Lorraine has been working here for over three years.


The building is incapable of repair.


Gale was devoted.

I think that is his trademark.

Because of a traffic jam, we were late for the meeting.


How many pairs of pliers do you have?

I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.

Which one of you is Hurf's doctor?


What is the use of learning if you don't worship God or respect learned persons.

We'll have a lot of fun.

Whatever you do, don't move.


Are you saying Nick is dangerous?


"Styopa, how clever you are! How do you know it all, I haven't told you about that!" "Professor, I've read it in this encyclopaedia" "Bravo! Well done!"

Benson brought Sonny's mother away.

I'll talk to Sanjay in the morning.


Don't you dare leave.

Johan and Anton often sing together.

So what do you want to do?


We still have a lot of things to do.

I really don't have anything else to say.

I believe you've met them.

I'll get Kieran.

The Bible is the great best seller of all times.

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I may actually have to go.

He made me wait for about half an hour.

Judge cleaned his room quickly.

Nothing's preventing you from leaving.

She almost passed out.

You look really happy.

It is my father's house.

Aluminium is a metal.

I've already examined it.

I probably should've asked Brandon that question.

That would be extremely helpful.

We look ridiculous.

I want to talk to Dale after school.

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Youth runs away to never come back.

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I don't want to go up there.


I've been around a while.

I just want it over and done with.

This is a very profitable business.

They looked down on him.

I'm glad I did that.

Excuse me, sorry mate, you haven't got the time have you?

The students applauded.

What are you guys talking about anyway?

Thanks for all the help you've given me.

Roxana plans to sell his house.

I'm busy on Saturday.

Take this pill. It will help you sleep.

We are in Paris.

I gave her just what she needed.

You made a promise.

One thing I don't like about the iPad is that you can't easily install apps that aren't available through Apple's App Store.

I hope that your parents will allow us to marry.

Don't bother.

Neville dropped his coffee cup.

A handyman who possesses a chainsaw is not a handyman, but a terrorist.

He wanted to buy a book.

May I talk to you a minute?

To tell you the truth, I'm completely bored.

Unfortunately, she died before she managed to realize her dream.

You're the only person I can trust.

Charleen wants to leave, but he can't.

I just want you back.


When we go to visit France we need a Visa.

Many working mothers struggle to balance their home and work lives.

Although I had taken two pills two times, my headache did not go away.

A policeman was gazing at a suspicious pedestrian.

I have never had any problems.

No mountain in the world is higher than Everest.

Green suits Alice.

Will she live?

There's nothing more Mat can say.


Do you have deep sea phobia?

Each passing car threw up a cloud of dust.

Give me some room here.


By reading books and discussing concepts, a person can gain wisdom and tolerance of differing ideas.

We regard Dr. Brown as the best heart specialist in the United States.

I don't feel like going shopping with you today.


There remain great fears of seeing the clashes degenerate into massacres.

She looks just like my sister.

I always put down good experiences in my diary.

They are running now.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks below.

I know this isn't easy for you.

One professor says that even if Alex is using words, it's wrong to call it a language.

It appears that he is mistaken.

She had a beautiful smile.

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When we were kids, we played together every day.


It's a good paper, apart from a few spelling mistakes.

Jochen might know where Panacea lives.

Does this sound stupid?

She is making use of you.

You're not supposed to be out here.


Is Sjouke jealous?

"More coffee?" "No, thanks."

He's very secretive.

Rayan is a fluent speaker of Japanese.

I love you as fresh meat loves salt.

I told Amigo that I wouldn't be at his party.

Where do you hold your meetings?

He looks like your brother.

Sorry, but I have to work tonight.

Will you please tell us where Ramadoss is?

She bought him a camera.


It seemed normal.

Despite the seriousness of his illness, Mr Robinson is in good spirits.

I planted one.

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Rajiv needs to organize her room.

Leads inherited a lot of money.

"I was talking to Krzysztof Cruise once (a really close friend of mine), and I was telling him about the latest antics of my pal Charlie Sheen. We sat there talking for about an hour when I got a call from Jay Leno. He wanted me to be on his show next week. I was pretty busy, but I told Jay I would find time in my schedule for his show. Oh, I have to be off." "Here are your bags and change, sir." "Thanks." "Thank you, sir, have a great day."


Rabin repaired his clock.

You can't leave this room.

In the Bible, it says that we are the image of God.


The advantage of freelancing is that you can divide your time freely. The disadvantage is that you actually have to work around the clock.

Think of the girls of India.

She is watering her flowers.

If you don't study harder, you'll fail for sure.

Eileen was sure you'd like Spock.


Hillel can barely read.

Let's not waste time discussing things we can't change.

Christian asked Jared if she was coming with him.

He grabbed the letter out of my hand.

Danny asked Dave to scrub the toilet.

She has attractive eyes.

I know we can do it.

Where's Bertrand's office?

Maria knew that Marc had overheard John and him talking about her.


Wake me up at eight o'clock.

The old clock is still in use.

She went out to look for a taxi.

You're the only one here who doesn't know Granville.

Someone stole Bryce's guitar.

Randall saw Wendy working.

That's all right. I understand you. You speak very well.