I sent a message to him.

I believe in God.

"Where's your cousin?" "He just left."

Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music, music is the best.

The company is located in the suburbs of Osaka.

Would you follow me, please?

The boy was too clingy to function in society.

I can't let this happen.

I don't want to disturb Betsy.

They rescued him from danger.


Stay away from her!


She knelt down as she came into the church.

I've gotten kind of used to it.

I'm afraid we're not in Kansas anymore, said Paul.

Why didn't he come?

He belittles others to make himself feel important.

Torsten stepped away.

Saumya is trying to reach Blayne.


The Colonel said the situation is under control.

The prisoner is in chains.

He did it right away.

My camera was stolen.

She came close to falling off the platform.

We all need to stay together.

Is this your car?


What do you people do?

It's too late for me.

Please remember to put out the fire before you go home.

I thought perhaps you could help us.

That's not funny at all anymore.

The bar is closing soon.

I think you should add this sentence at any rate, if it's not yet part of our collection.

I have a surprise for Marion.

I'll bring my sister when I come next time.

Even though he was tired, he went on with his work.

What sort of house do you have?

The potential is obvious.

He talked to a high official of the Treasury Department.

What am I to do next?

Take a book from the shelf.


You don't even know my name.


People used to think that the earth was flat.

Fay resumed reading.

He is smart enough to answer all the questions.

Dani takes steroids.

I can't stand to watch you.

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I must hurry.


The state can take your children away if they deem you an unfit mother.

I'm introverted.

What a long week!

Would you like to drink a bit tonight?

He always spends his money freely.

I have to pay for it.

Because of TV, boys and girls don't want to read books.

Sit back down.

It is easy for me to solve the problem.


I guess the time of reckoning has arrived at last.


Jordan wants to speak to Ramneek alone.


There's a rock on the floor.

Don't get him confused.

Once upon a time there was a dwarf who lived in the woods.

I want a hot shower before I go back to work.

I was convinced by his explanation.

Thirteen were hospitalized.

Can I play the stereo?


When are you going to Boston?

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She worked hard in order to save money.

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Hsi slept at our place last night.

Death comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes.

Above all, be kind to old people.

I don't understand the question.

We like to help.

I think that's called a sleep.

Feel the top and see how warm it is.


Aimee was foolish.

When we started out, we realized that if we didn't have a good product, we wouldn't succeed.

Can I pick my ticket up at the airport?

Hello everyone! My name is Marcia.

They knocked my books out of my hands.


Pamela is cold and tired.

We trust you.

Let's sit up front.

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The speaker cleared his throat.

I've decided to do whatever you ask.

This is Tatoeba.

Let's ask Kathleen.

There was one option left.

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This additional work will take about two hours more.

If you don't keep quiet I'll punch you in the nose.

She convinced the teacher.


What do you all do?

You plowed the field, didn't you?

Would you consider taking care of my children next Saturday?

Joshua could be here for a while.

They chatted a little bit more and then said goodbye.

I was sick, but I'm fine now.

I agree with him to a certain extent, but not entirely.


Please let me sleep.


I began to speak.

We went on a picnic at the lake.

I haven't met them yet.


Jingbai is fashionable.

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I have never read "War and Peace" either.

In general, women tend to live ten years longer than men.

Who could take his place?

The man is too wise to do such things.

Where's Edward's father?

Noam is having a rest.

It's dangerous to drive faster than the speed limit.


Don't feed the dog!

This is a limited time offer to new customers only.

Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer.

It's at the corner.

I'm going to work with him.

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He is three years senior to me.

Tea or coffee - which would you like?

Without water, we cannot exist.

He will give you some good advice on this matter.

I wish I'd planted more lettuce this year.

What kind of food do you not like to eat?

Do you want us to tell Jeffery?

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Everybody wants them.

The Europeans often paid Indians to work for them.

Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I never regret my sudden decisions.

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Thousands and thousands of soldiers lost their lives.

My left heel is inflamed.

She grinned at me when she came into the room.


It is difficult for us to get along with her, because she is hard to please.

She seems interested in nothing else.

"I like Andy Murphy's movies." "But mom! It's Will Smith." "Who?"

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All along the Seine, there are lamps.

I need to handle this alone.

This job is my bread and butter.

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You won't get away with it.


My name is strange.

The law is the law.

You are sitting between Meg and me.

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She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.

"Will you take the red pill or the blue pill?" "I think I'll just go home."

Too long a holiday makes one reluctant to start work again.

I was sitting next to Hank.

It's in the cards for her to buy a car soon.

Everything's just like it used to be.

What are you guys going to do?


This is the free one.


You can't judge their works by the same standards.


I felt his silence insulting me.

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What time does your office let you go home?


That's not going to help.

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Don't run after me any more.

Did Ramneek tell you that it was OK to leave?

It began to rain, so he need not have watered the lawn.


She said she would be back right away.

The neighbors say that Herve beats her husband.

We're special.


"What are you doing?" "Nothing."

I'm not at all interested in what you go around doing.

I hate her as much as you do.


There is a dog under the table.