We could've helped Val.

I'll never talk to Roman again.

He tried to gain her affection.

Where was Cary being held?

I often play tennis on Sunday.

I'm not special.


He gave me what little money he had about him.


Keep your hands off him.


In mathematics, a quiver is a directed graph.


The institution was established in the late 1960s.

You must make much of time.

I don't wear reading glasses.

Marci tried to say something, but couldn't.

He has a fabulous reputation for his high integrity.


They looked at me somehow strangely.

Brooke disappeared into the fog.

He had no other choice but to choose the names randomly.


The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

Can you spell your last name for me?

I know better than to be believe such a rumor.


I haven't met them yet.

Leave it!

The merchant's wife sent Vasilissa into the forest each day, hoping she might meet the old witch and be devoured.

Everything's changed.

I was worried you wouldn't get here on time.

Rogue began to whistle a tune.

Probably he will come soon.

The trains are running in this snow.

My friend has a really long name.

The company is turning to export markets to make up for a decline in domestic sales.

That is not all together false.

They are ignorant of the rules.

That took thirty minutes.

Lea was out of town last week.

The teacher wouldn't allow us to speak French in the classroom.


Who else knew you were here?

He died two hours later.

Life today is fast-moving and complex.

Tell us everything you know about what's been happening.

She called him back to give him something he had left behind.


Why is Donnie home?

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This is what I'm made of.


She once came when my sister was home.


Maybe Noemi should've told you that.

I could scarcely stand on my feet.

What is difficult about Japanese is how characters are used in its writing system.


This should become standard practice.


These shoes are too tight to get into.


They do know what they're doing.

The Moon is cossacks' Sun.

Let's jump into the water.

Just then, I heard the telephone ring.

He is from our village.


I'll see you in a bit.

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Oskar often says stupid things at inappropriate times.

He knows how to lock this door.

The investigation died a couple of weeks later.

Single ensuite, please.

You must talk to them.


Vicki is coming over in a little while.

Jeanne took the job Roberto offered him.

He told me that his house was haunted.

I'm looking forward to next summer.

I've been asking myself the same thing.

You're going to wreck your eyesight if you play games all the time.

Please give all these toys to Leila.

I saw your picture in the paper.

He finally made money.

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You have thirty minutes left.

Guys, it's my time to go away.

Barry is still working on that.

He raised his hat when he saw me.

Since the role I play is that of a tree, it's just as if I didn't have one.

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Something told me you wouldn't let this go.

He asserts that she is innocent.

I had some things to work out.

We can't prove Suu is lying, but we're pretty sure he is.

Rakhal and Tammy look good together.

Romulus was the son of Rhea Silvia.

I know they're hiding something from me.


Much has already been said about the difficulty of translating poetry.


Really? You look younger.

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Fortunately none of the passengers were injured.

I don't mind paying.

I'm butthurt.

I'd like to believe that.

Don't wanna feel blue.

He took advantage of the opportunity.

Manolis thought Leif was quite attractive.

This is a new model.

We're discussing that.

Dan threw his phone into the swimming pool.

I won't miss Michiel at all.

Ro was always different.

Fine. And you?

I still believe in love.

Don't ask him any questions about his marriage.

When water boils, it turns into steam.

By craning down his scraggy neck at him, he asked him what Nick was doing down there.

I think we should call them.

He is a professor of economics at Hyogo University.

They don't understand.

Let's not push it.

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This may be pulao, but it's completely flavourless.

We want freedom from poverty.

You are not at all wrong.

Denis was in Boston last weekend.

There once lived an old man on that island.

We guarantee the lowest price for a French language school in Quebec, Canada.

The phone started ringing.

We loved her.

What kind of movies do you prefer?


That's what I like about him.


Ping can type very fast.

Rafael can't do all this work by himself.

Barbara can take a break.

Mayo didn't seem to be very busy.

Is that only a coincidence?

I haven't said yes yet.

I forgot what the exact price was, but it was about 170 dollars.


There are a lot of students in the library.

I now know what I told you was wrong.

What with the heat and the humidity, I didn't sleep well.

I must repay the debt.

That car is quite new.

Primitive calculating machines existed long before computers were developed.

As is often the case with young men, he does not pay much attention to his health.

Intellectually we know prejudice is wrong.

People tend to read more saucy books on an e-book reader because they don't have to show the cover while reading.

I won't do anything.

The dictionary on the desk is mine.

That would be absurd.

Our country desires only peace.

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We watched a TV program the other day about your people.

I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach.

Jarvis never eats junk food.

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Paula was selfish.

Sometimes we need to look back to know where we are going to.

Regular use of citrus fruit will shrink pores and make the skin feel fresh.


You need treatment.

That's where I'll be.

They don't owe me anything.

Prove to me that you don't have a sister.

He left the room as soon as I entered it.


I'm going to take care of it.

How may I help you?

I spend a lot of time watching TV.

What could Bruce possibly have to hide?

Parts of the city looked like a disaster zone following the storm.


Panzer dropped out of college and moved to Boston.

He became a famous actor.

How could you say something like that?

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When he was here, he would swim in the morning.

Can we fix this?

We have a good chance of winning.

I have lived here a little over 60 years.

I'll explain it to her.

Jiri left quickly.

Do you think that's wise?

She doesn't have any deep convictions.

If you don't want your old bicycle, you can always give it away.

Maria asked me to help her in mathematics.

It was too difficult for Jane to go to school alone.

This is hogwash.

Let me fix the switch.

She didn't know what to do.

The bus had already left when I reached the stop.