Naren has silky smooth legs.

Fletcher took a deep breath.


It's raining very hard.

I can seal the leak.

On main menu from this DVD there is no 'play the story' button.

She took a pencil and began drawing on a piece of paper.

Do you want to go to a party?

Ah yes, two, right?

We eat to live, not live to eat.

Can you forgive us?

We've got to decide when we'll start.


I wore one.


You should get out of the pool.

The ship set sail.

Like water off a duck's back.

In some species of animals, the female is dominant over the male.

He promised me.

I'll make you pay for this.

Ken has been looking for you.

Olaf could do with some help.

Gerard has done nothing all week but complain about Clark's cooking.

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You won't have the same luck twice.

If the torque is too high, the shaft might break. That's why we are using a shear splint as a torque limiter.

They spend a lot of time together.

People don't know how to drive in this town.

Here we are at Tokyo Station.

Edgar didn't object.

My husband really likes to do exercise.

She died last night.

A waterfall of sweat began to pour down my face.

I'm related to her.

We talked about Glenn.

He works in the laboratory.

He didn't have time to spend with his children.

I want to fight.

TV has taken the place of radio.

It is more ignominious to mistrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

Why can't I do it, too?

Who gave you that package?

We've got to get back.


I don't see what's wrong with that.

My older sister is a very talented singer.

This house is too narrow to live in.

Stop hanging out with losers.

The coins are made of metal.


You can keep this dictionary if necessary.


Have you answered that letter yet?


Perhaps it's supposed to be kilometers.

I need a dictionary.

I am ironing my dress.

They are both awful.

Aren't you glad you didn't have to go to Boston?

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If he is in middle circumstances his clothes will be chosen chiefly for comfort.

He must be a good boy.

James was very pleased with the results.


I can't stand it.

I've decided to let you come back to work.

He's got a point.

I'm getting dressed right after I eat breakfast.

Lar is pretty.

I've not started yet.

He is poor.

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Go at once, otherwise you will be late.

Don't feel sorry for Ssi.

She stayed there for several days.


I may be able to find Randy.

My, those are some very large hands you have.

It's very easy to drink potato shochu now that the potato-like smell has been reduced to a low level through use of the latest biotechnology.


Hank has a better plan.


Shawn was aware of our secret plan.

Would you please lend me your dictionary?

What kind of gun was it?

There's a train station in Japan where the station master is a cat.

The test was real easy.

Kevyn expected me to pay for everything.

I should've gone to Boston with Sidney.

It is OK to redistribute the unregistered trial version.

The baby needs his mother.

Six months ago I had an operation for the cataract in my right eye.

You are always digging at me about my clothes.

She can understand everything he is saying.

My cake didn't rise.

"You don't know how to smoke?" "Of course I know how to smoke!"

How are things in Australia?

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

The child ran into the house.

I tried to open the door, but I couldn't since it was locked.

A lot has happened this past week.

It will not be long before we know the result.

Her son is a jet pilot.

The leaves have begun to turn.

Will he come home by seven?

This armchair is comfortable to sit in.

We'll just be in Joe's way.


It's all white.

Don't compare me to a movie star.

We can't change the past.

Sigurd bought Susanne some chocolates.

Let us know when you'll arrive.

We're not so different after all.

What did he do after that?

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They're awfully nosy.

Let me braid your hair for you.

My mother would freak out if she knew about it.

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We're waiting for her.

Does this have something to do with our work?

Are you a paleontologist?


The stone was so heavy that nobody could lift it.

You freaked out, didn't you?

Can I help you find what you're looking for?

Give my regards to your sister.

You should spend more time outside and less time inside.

She has her faults, but I like her.

I had a sweet dream yesterday.

We're still working on that.

That's so true.

Don't interrupt our conversation.

Get him out of my sight.

The class consists of 50 boys.

Maureen said that he didn't want to live alone.

Whatever book you read, read it carefully.

You must account for your absence.

Evan died when I was thirteen.

The worst seat in the auditorium is the middle seat in the 12th row right behind the sound engineer.

He is attention itself.

This is the largest dictionary there is in this library.

Loren wanted to buy Vadim something nice for her birthday.

Cooking takes up too much time.

She meant no particular offence, and her friend took none.

I slept late and I missed the first train.

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Anita is cruel.


Jussi wasn't the one who drank all the milk.


You may use my car.

That's Vilhelm playing the piano.

I'm a bit hungry.

The boss'll have my head.

I hope you're having fun.

Judy has released a new album.

Triantaphyllos didn't have to go there if he didn't want to.

I may be away for a couple of days.

People think completely differently when they're standing and when they're sitting.

I can think of safer places to visit than Boston.

She is vain of her beauty.

Why did she break off her speech?

That's something you'll regret.

How much was it?

I live in a hotel.


How can I trust them?

It isn't what I thought.

Caribou eat almost only lichen during the winter.

We might have frost next week.

It's sweltering.


To whom it may concern:


I study English half an hour every day.


They died trying to save others.

The sun shone like gold.

It sounds like you're home free again, Dimetry.

We're halfway to Boston.

I have to work this weekend.

His trip will keep him away from the office for a week.

Ian wadded up the piece of paper.

We can't wait any longer.

I have a lot of trouble doing that.

Can you tell silver and tin apart?

I learned about Keiko's problem from gossip.

Theodore is responding well to the treatment.

Why can't you be more like us?

You can get a car license after you turn eighteen.

Pizza, please.

What's a joke?

Do we need to take the toll road? We're not in a hurry.

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I felt something moving on my back.

If you may come home for Christmas? I don't know, I'll mention it to my wife and I'll tell you.

She used to love him.