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“TMD” stands for “temporomandibular disorder” and refers to problems related to pain and improper functioning of:

• Your jaw joints (which are among the most complex joints in the human body);
• Muscles surrounding your jaw joints; and/or
• Associated structures in your head, neck and face (including but not limited to your teeth).
The sooner TMD is accurately diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Although there is no “cure” for TMD, many patients experience relief of their symptoms shortly after beginning treatment. In addition, more than 95% of all patients can be treated successfully and without surgery of any kind!
TMD is often a chronic and frequently degenerative disease. That is why it is important for anyone who is experiencing symptoms – headaches, earaches, and dizziness and clicking or popping in the jaw joints – to schedule an appointment for a consultation with a qualified dental professional. Seeing your regular dentist may not be sufficient, since all dentists do not have the appropriate training or expertise. This is also true of medical professionals who, like many dentists, frequently refer patients to us in order to rule out (or rule in) a TMD problem when making a differential diagnosis.

Our offices are now covered by almost all of the medical insurance companies and HMO’s in the state of Wisconsin, and are exclusive providers for many of those in southeastern Wisconsin. This enables the vast majority of our patients that suffer from TMD and sleep apnea to receive insurance coverage for their treatment.

TMJ & Orofacial Pain Treatment Centers of Wisconsin

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