I met with a cool, not to say hostile, reception.

Mats can't stop thinking about Judge.


Nicolo claimed that his father had raped him on multiple occasions.


We aren't sure what should be done.

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He is playing here.

She met a new friend at school today.

Can't you and Pratapwant stay a little longer?

Life without a credit card is hard.

Carsten went back into his office.

The police are investigating the cause of the crash around the clock.

Women like colourful umbrellas.

Toufic is a parasailing instructor.

Suyog saw Vivek and John holding hands.

I was picking strawberries in the garden.

The policeman chased the thief.

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I would like to go to the beach with you but today I don't have time.

My house is here.

He listened closely to the speaker.

It's hard to distinguish an aebleskiver pan from a takoyaki pan.

Alice did not see the dog.

He would often swim in this river.

This is official.

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I'll treat you to sushi.

I'm looking for a school where I can paint portraits.

In spite of the heavy snow, she came all the way to the station.


Why do you want to study abroad?

Some of the bluest water in the world is found in Crater Lake.

What places do you enjoy?

Jwahar bought three lottery tickets.

I'm going to take early retirement.


Young children should be exposed to good music.


Christophe is bleeding internally.

I like sandwiches.

Though she looks like his older sister, the fact is that she is his mother.


It is a thrill for us to be here.


I don't want her to be angry.

I have just returned from the post office.

Look at that building. Is it a temple?

Lee filed a petition to ban whale-hunting in the Pacific Northwest.

It seems to me Adrian is a part of the problem.

Please, turn on the light!

I couldn't hear myself think.

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She keeps moaning that she has no time.

He does nothing but cry.

I told Hienz I'd be right back.

Father told me to reform myself.

How come you didn't do it?


Ernie is sitting by the window.

I know you must be frightened.

Ti had to get a cholera shot.


Does Pim know that Hurf is his mother?

Dimetry admired the pearly whiteness of the fabric.

Children that live in homes with vinyl floors are more likely to have autism.

I'm not young like you.

Francis isn't very hardworking.

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Skef received numerous threats.

A further reduction would make us go into the red.

Kay won't let you pay.


I am having a good time.


Lar handed Susumu a list of questions.

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Gail is currently working on that problem.

It's something I've considered.

Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?

Everybody has to adjust.

I've often thought that about my personal trainer.


Vic waited for Lin to come back.

Someone has to stop it.

Everyone looked relieved.


Nobody has been able to scientifically explain the phenomenon.

We used to fight a lot.

That sounds like something you would do.

Billie's mother had misgivings about Benson marrying Shutoku.

I'm not interested in that.

Myrick told Miki to wait a little longer.

I know about everything that's going on.

I'm going to enjoy this.

Damone thought I was flirting with him.

Someone told me you left your husband.

Hugh shouldn't have gone to Boston by himself.


His skin has the tone of a young man's.

God gave the man two ears and a mouth so that he would listen more and talk less.

Marsh peeked through the curtains.


Do you think Sharada is attractive?

That was really boring.

The flickering black-and-white television set bothered my exhausted eyes.

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Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

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I am not a liar.

A dictatorship means, by definition, one centre of power.

I'm afraid it will rain tomorrow.

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He has brown hair.

I think I may know what this is about.

I have seen her three times.

Did you hear the story about the bungee jumper who died because he miscalculated the height of each storey before diving off a building?

Starting tomorrow, this e-mail address will no longer be valid.


What do you think Walt told Dawn?

They aren't like us.

Archie is upstairs.


I gave some water to the dogs.


Even the air smelled different.


This letter is too long to have it translated at a reasonable price.


There are few bookstores in this area.


I've got a real good feeling about it.

Randal said he had some personal problems to take care of.

The government has held commodity prices in check.


I did none of those things.

He was reading a book at that time.

In political geography, a boundary is an imaginary line between two nations, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of the other.

You have only to keep silent.

She expected to have called on her mother in hospital.

I've never felt unsafe in Boston.

I'll tell her you dropped by.

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All Wes wants to do is talk about Stagger.

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All of the town was destroyed by a fire.

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Harv deserved better.

I'd think that the last thing you'd want to do right now is talk to Christina.

To be honest, I don't like you at all.

Has Joshua been fighting with Herman?

I am proud of his honesty.

Sedat tried to convince Ernst that the plan wouldn't work.

I want to drink a Guinness right now.

The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

Arthur didn't know where Casper had put her suitcases.

A good coach trains this team.

May I talk to you?

I want to get the word out - even if you don't have a lot of clothes you can enjoy dressing more fashionably by mixing and matching.

Shamim didn't know what Sundaresan had to do.

Travis abandoned them.

Why didn't Kathleen tell us this?

Monday was appointed as the day for the next meeting.

I don't sleep much.

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I never realized how much Vicki liked Luis.

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I want to cut down on the time it takes to process files.

Is that what's really bothering you?

This is a nice place.

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You and I'll be working together.


Did Del say how he was able to do it?

Carter, we'll begin with you.

Does she have a hobby?

I never feel at home in his company.

Laura thought I was making it up.


We go camping every summer.


You're strict.

Tiefenthal texted me.

Syed told you I was coming, didn't he?

Kristi must conserve his strength.

I want to know about you.


You'd like him.

Do that at your own risk.

In the winter, when the nights were long and the days short, she watched the children coasting and skating.

Stacy would tell the unhappy subcontractors who demanded full payment, in the amount they had previously agreed upon, to sue him in court.

I want you to wait right here.


Deirdre has been tolerant.


We plan to leave as soon as possible.

He begrudgingly accepted the invitation.

I have a disability.

Jan asked Sonny to be home by six-thirty.

Do you intend to help them?