Welcome to The Tridas Center - Providing comprehensive, developmental and behavioral pediatric services to infants, children and young adults.

The Tridas Center for Child Development is a private subspecialty practice that offers comprehensive, developmental and behavioral services to infants, children and young adults. We are developmental specialists who have been providing services in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Our team of experts specialize in the diagnosis and coordination of management of our patients. We provide no direct intervention services, aside from medication management. This allows us to be independent and objective in our recommendations. When evaluating a patient, we thoroughly analyze his or her individual situation to identify the problem areas that can be addressed. This evaluation is designed to help your child achieve his or her best potential for development. No two patients are alike and while some may share similar needs, their circumstances are as different as the people themselves. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive family-centered program of care designed specifically for each child.

The intervention services, like the evaluation itself, are then pieced together to build a cohesive intervention plan. Even the simplest of developmental problems can be incredibly complex if not managed with the whole child in mind. And finally, the ability to access the intervention services that are available at many schools require that specific evaluations be performed to satisfy the legal requirements for eligibility to those services.

The types of patients that we generally serve include children with who are experiencing attention deficits, learning difficulties and behavioral-emotional problems. In addition, we evaluate developmentally delayed youngsters and monitor the developmental progress of premature infants. Our clinical staff also has in-depth experience in the evaluation and management of autistic-spectrum disorders.

Clinical Services Offered:

• Diagnostic evaluations for behavioral and developmental problems
• Medication management for ADHD and other behavioral disorders
• School consultation
• Patient education
• Coordination of intervention services

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