He turned pale with fear.

Carter is an easy-going guy.

Could you repeat that using simpler words?


I can't speak French as well as Lanny.


It's time for bed now.


Puritanism brought over with it in the Mayflower the anti-Christmas feeling to New England.

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Nici traveled under an assumed name.

Could I have some more coffee?

Do you really want me to spy on Theodore?

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He neglected his duties.

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I am writing a study of the French Revolution.

He has an ambition to get a Nobel Prize.

Heinrich just told me something personal.


I don't need a hot bath.

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Did they tell you who I was?

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What are your orders?

Some eggs weren't rotten, but the rest of them were.

There's nothing more we can do.

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I think I should go see Murthy.

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Orville is guilty, isn't he?

The lift is out of order.

He does this all the time.


As soon as Sue walked into the room, everyone started to look happy.

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I could probably get used to having Jeany for a son-in-law.

I am about to leave here.

I'll pay double the price.


Phiroze asked Root's father to buy him a ticket.

You've got to walk before you can run.

I see a future with you.

Elisa is at work. Her children are at school.

I stopped sending Christmas cards three years ago.

It just happens.

Sometimes it is pleasant to look back on one's childhood.

They often drop in at my house.

Does Earl want me to say something?

Sabrina started laughing again.

Lindsay told everyone in the room about what had happened.


We will ship the product immediately after receiving your order.

I'm pretty sure Deirdre has left town by now.

Tell Stevan I can't marry him.


My parents left the church.

I never for a moment imagined I'd be able to afford to live in such a fancy house.

Here, have a drink.

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Compared to his brother, he's not so wise.


His book is famous not only in England but also in Japan.

It's all mine.

I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

There might have been an error during transmission.

Mr Green keeps a little dog.

It is man's intelligence that makes him so often behave more stupidly than the beasts. ... Man is impelled to invent theories to account for what happens in the world. Unfortunately, he is not quite intelligent enough, in most cases, to find correct explanations.

Her passport was stolen.


Jacob gave me the chicken pox.

I'm not getting involved.

I think I already wrote to you.

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I asked them not to overreact.

Judith is a mystery.

His naked back and arms were beaded with sweat.

It's unfortunate that he is gone.

Today, looking at this web page, I realized that if these people are idiots then I must be a complete moron.

Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Morgan wrote down what Billy said.

That man standing over there is my father.

I borrowed this book from him.


She eats but white meat.

Climate change is real.

He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.

Evan collected coffee cups.

The index rose to a seasonally adjusted 120.5.


My grandmother can ride a motorcycle, and what's more, a bicycle.

I'd like to meet Pierre.

I'm not hungry now.

Kyle said he would buy what was needed.

Why don't you go play outside?

Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

She squished a cockroach.

Poetry is my passion.

Brandon hasn't complained of any discomfort.

I don't know how to behave here.

The living room has a fireplace.

He paid much money to stop her mouth.

I'm not having dinner with you tonight.


During the Renaissance, artists depended on patrons for money.

Walt told Shyam to stay at home.

Comic books aren't as popular as they used to be.

Do you have a plan?

He had reached the limits of his patience.

I thought they found her.

It's finished.

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Elvis always looked busy, but never was.

We didn't help him, so he did it off his own bat.

Doug got into the driver's seat and started the car.

You don't have to get married if you don't want to.

You get two pairs of trousers with this suit.

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He has gone back to California for good.

Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.

I was thinking of you actually!

I have put aside one fourth of my salary for the last three years.

Marshall just called to tell us that he's on his way.

There was another one.

We came to the conclusion that we should support the movement.

Mind your head.

Leon took a long warm bath.

We have an elevator and a private bath.

Dominick looked around the room, but couldn't see Skef.

I wish we could go to Boston.

We'll proceed exactly as you suggest.

The boss made them work day and night.

When does Kamel get here?


Mars contains highlands which occur in the southern hemisphere.

Run for it, Naoto!

A lot of young people went to Hawaii this summer.

I don't know the answer to that.

I can't imagine that.

You could have solved this puzzle with a little more patience.

Put your back into it, Sidney.

Just sit over there with them.

You must be kidding me.

Are you sure we can move freely in Space? Right and left we can go, backward and forward freely enough, and men always have done so. I admit we move freely in two dimensions. But how about up and down? Gravitation limits us there.

Your speech sucked.

He put the key in the lock.

We have three trees in our backyard.


That's not him.


Shane deserves a raise.

I've never seen Hsi dance.

Clarissa helped himself to coffee.

His favorite baseball team is the Giants, but he likes the Lions as well.

They all gazed at the magician's movements.

She's no heroine.

Irwin offended everyone.


You were told to lay off.

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Were you looking for Wilmer?

The big tree was struck by lightning.

Don't you tell me what to do.

We were stuck up in heavy traffic this morning.

Jin has been away for three months.

Who's your favorite classical guitarist?

No injuries have been reported.

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I heard everything.

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I can't find any flaw in his theory at all.


I think I'll throw some of my old clothes away.

I'm genuinely happy for her.

How little you know me...

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In the Middle Ages, water from the sacred spring was considered a panacea.


Which songs did they sing?

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That would be so inappropriate.

No one ever tells me anything.

What drugs are they giving you?

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Angels watch from above as men fight amongst themselves.

They won a free car.

Take my hand.

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Jeannette has been absent from work for three days.

The president is flying to the city in a helicopter.

Avoiding a problem isn't going to help you solve it.


Cliff and Judge don't get along with each other.

I can't remember it.

How many mangoes do you want?

We have run short of food.

His family will be told of his death.

Wendi is out here.

Terrence says that he only eats organic food.