Mann seems a little worried.

Nobody got on the plane.

The situation has stabilized.

Has Dannie ever told you why he doesn't like Deborah?

Is it really you?

Is this an original piece?

Sam, don't!


He decided to quit smoking.

I'd like to believe that Elaine told us the truth.

Polly is the one who helped us the other day.

I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.

I don't agree with him.

Adlai was surprised.

She was shaken by the accident.


That's what people call me.


I swear I didn't see him.

What are our plans for today?

I'm homesick.

Piete invited Chuck to join him and his family for dinner.

Something strange is happening.

I've got wet inside out.

All of these meetings are conducted in English.

I'm just going to stretch my legs.

This is the watch I bought yesterday.

Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it.

I understand what you meant.


He is inventive of excuses.


The boys were enthusiastic about the music.

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Mr Brown belongs to the upper class.

The proportion of girls to boys in our class is three to two.

His dog is barking at me.

Don't let appearances fool you.

You saw the whole thing, right?


How about playing tennis this afternoon?


Was it you that left the door open last night?


Kolkka reads a lot of books.

Is it clear?

Children are the flowers of our lives. Nothing decorates a house better than children carefully set in the corners.

The story reminds me of an experience I had long ago.

She came back in about thirty minutes.

The penalty for spitting is five pounds.

Sound is less quick than light.

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Billy didn't smile.


Ira told Randal not to go there.

Herbert wore a hard hat.

Man will die sooner or later.


You made me buy you that.

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Nadeem and Thomas got married three years ago.


I just want you to know that Carlos is safe.

He was brought to tears.

Jason looks absolutely furious.

You must lie still.

The rain that was drizzling when I got on to the train is now pouring.


Do not say "wait".


This swan is black.


The novelist gathered materials for his work.


We must do something for Hartmann.

This is a superb idea.

You don't need to give me a call.

Traffic is a problem in Manhattan.

Buses in the country do not usually come on time.


I hope Mick gets better.

It's nothing to be sorry about.

Thus you cannot indulge in the pleasure of spending money freely.

Hiroyuki and Maureen took a walk on the beach.

You are not at all what I expected.


They're lucky to be alive.

The school will soon close because of summer vacation.

It seems that his sister is a good cook.


Here is my wife, Minna.


It's probably still available.

Java and Javascript are like India and Indonesia, they aren't the same thing.

You can't buy anything interesting in this store.

The older you are, the more difficult it is to learn a language.

Andy and I aren't friends.


Go brush your teeth.

I'm 25 years old and I've never had a girlfriend.

She betrayed his trust.


We do not know and will not know.

What would the world do without tea?

I'm afraid to go alone.

Doyle brought me here.

"Dima?!" Al-Sayib was so shocked that he dropped his Fanta on his computer, thereby ruining his noob hunt. "Dima?! Is that really you?!"


Bertrand isn't scrawny.

Grab Sofia.

Stop her!

I'll find out myself.

He acknowledged me by raising his hat.

Are you here to help?

We should've done what you advised.

I shower every night.

Ian had only one chance to get things right.


The police admonished him to drive more slowly.

I brought a small notebook where I am going to write my observations.

Aaron doesn't get along with anybody at work.

It would be good if you started work.

A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.


I have to set a good example.


We have to go on.

She doesn't talk to me about anything anymore.

I don't want to watch television this evening.

He hammered out a home run.

My phone battery runs out quickly.

You're extraordinary.

Will you give me a job?

Smile, you're on camera.

Russell died in 2013 of cancer.

We have to continue to do our jobs.

We apologize for the delay and regret any inconvenience it may have caused.

Keith said he never saw Sanand.

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

I've been secretly in love with her for years.

Snow reminds me of my hometown.

Anatole worked all day yesterday.

Revised is an easy guy to dislike.

We have reason to be thankful.

There is the fountain and here is the metro.


Mirabelles are also delicious when pureed.

After English, German is the most popular foreign language in Russia.

Take that back, right now!

Trade leads to national progress.

Guillermo plays soccer with his friends after school almost every day.

Are you sure you can manage?

The eye socket is the bone receptacle in which the eye fits.

Christopher crossed his legs.

I only have three dollars.

I called my mother up from the station.

Wilson's company went public.

You're the prettiest woman I've ever seen.

They chopped some onions.


You should change.

That was a secret, wasn't it?

How would you help her?

We met last night.

This might seem counter-intuitive.

They drove the car one after the other.

It's a good school.

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There are over 2,500 types of snakes in the world.

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Drew said I could wait here.

Tea was introduced from China.

You'll find many bargains there.


Does Max know why you're here?

I had no trouble finding Sridhar's office.

You know what I want you to do.

According to today's paper, there was a fire in this town last night.

He scolded her for having left the door open.

Let me ask you a question.

I understand I can get a bus to Disneyland from here.

Phiroze is warm.

Everyone in town knows his name.

I wanted to go.

He is a naughty boy.

You should get that checked.

We just have a few minutes.

I think that was the plan.

It was last year.

The coach is leaving soon.

The volunteer group provided the villagers with water.

The choice of place for holiday turned out to be a real bone of contention in their family this year.

He was very unfair.

Ro needs Hillel's help.

Frances is completely alone.

We read the book after the teacher.

Make sure John gets home safely.

Adam wasn't having a good day.

We used emergency measures to revive the cardiac arrest patient.