I caught on to what the teacher was explaining.

I don't particularly like her.

Do you want to go to lunch?

You'd be amazed how long it takes Ann to get ready in the morning.

Kristian didn't say whether he was planning to go or not.

I want these people out of here.


I don't know if it will be fine tomorrow, but if it is fine we'll go on a picnic.


You can't judge people by their looks.

The hamster has stuffed cheeks.

Roman lost his reading glasses.


You shouldn't have talked to Evan.

Piet doesn't know which colour to choose.

Lukas smokes two or three cigarettes a day.

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There's nothing left to be done.


I must have forgotten it.

It'll happen quite quickly.

Sam doesn't have the stamina to finish a marathon.

How did you answer Roland?

Dan took off his shoes, put them into his backpack and entered the mosque.

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Try staying out of the way.

How long is this visa good for?

What are they asking you to do?

My face twitches.

I'm a stranger in these parts.

I need to find out when we need to be there.

He soon left the new job.


They're going to the war.

Suresh will probably never be late again.

When did Knute give you that?

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Maybe Butler and Piotr will help.

The secretary works on business correspondence.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

What exactly happened between us?

Dustin forced Suu to give false information to the police.

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We need to let our students be more creative.

I want my kids to be safe.

You're in danger, Matthieu.

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He seems to have been rich in those days.

Dori wants to be different.

We didn't get all that rain that they forecast.


All the sails were taken down.

Rabbits are related to beavers and squirrels.

There is no cure for lovesickness.

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Who's going to try your case?

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I consider making mistakes an important part of the learning process.

She lost her way.

I think you should pick them.

My legs hurt after the long walk.

Promise you won't tell him.

I followed her into the room.

The price of that book is five dollars.

Merril expressed some skepticism.

I'm pretty good at math.

Even his teacher didn't understand him.

Franklin was confident, too.

I am charged with an important mission.

This is a genuine picture by Picasso.

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You're persuasive.

My home is big.

We know you're in pain.

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Get the boy away from the fire!

It's a bit crowded in here.

Terrance isn't very nice.

I'm furious.

The cloud was in the shape of a bear.

Darci is a lot shorter than Syd.

Let's go to the club.

I've had it with you and your stupid ideas.

Barrett said that the soup was too hot.

Which one do you think Saify will choose?

We all work long hours.

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She made an abrupt answer.

Cosmos is the antithesis of chaos.

I heard that Hurf doesn't swim very often.

Tony just stood there looking at Steven.

What's the answer again?


Rik may still have a chance.

It has some bearing on this problem.

He uses the same dictionary as I do.

Does anyone in your family speak French?

We're just friends?

We came across by accident.

Dan was homeless and lived in his van.

When it is sunshine, he prays for rain, and when it is rain, he prays for sunshine.

Everyone was so hungry.

Who became the new director?

He died last year.

We lost.

I'm looking forward to competing.

Alexander ordered the tomb of Cyrus to be opened.

I think I'd better go and look for Ted.

Could we speak to him?

He's an honest man.

If you stop and relax, this will relieve the tension and stress in your shoulders.

I don't know why my friend wants us to wait.

Trevor never seems to enjoy being with us.

I almost couldn't believe it.


My father repaired my old watch.

I am a single mother of four children.

When was your last day off?

I'll handle things here.

I wear glasses only for reading.


Is that green striped shirt in the wash?


Kamel had a week's worth of beard on his face.

I have to clean the house.

The main square is just next door.


I think we should call him.

Do you have a driver's license?

We foresaw the war.

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You got the walls all dirty.

You are very good at sewing.

Some people are working in the fields.


My hobby is collecting foreign stamps.

Would you like some more wine?

This medicine seems to help.

Ram didn't get up as early as he usually does.

Is it possible to borrow money?

Is Boston a big city?

I know Debbie isn't alone.


Like I care!

Instead of stopping, the rain increased.

I'll pay you back.

There is an urgent need for teachers with science backgrounds.

We must balance our budget.

Rupert dressed up as Santa Claus.

They made fun of her because she had a funny hat on.

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You should assume that email messages aren't private.

We don't like the rain.

Earle is angry with you.


I am weak.

Are they still looking for us?

How are you getting along with your new job?


This is due to conservation of angular momentum.

Excuse me. I'd like to rent a car.

When was the last time you saw it?

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Your letter has arrived too late.

By the way, do you know a good restaurant around here?

I didn't ask them to come back.

You don't have permission to do that.

They wanted to win the war, and win it right away.


You cannot smoke in this room.

Karl likes to do almost everything by himself.

The refrigerator door was open.

OK, let's see if I've got this straight.

I had to set a good example.

Isn't it flat?

My father often goes to America on business.

It was totally my fault.

No one knew for certain how the accident happened.

Could you give us a moment?

To live without air is impossible.

Did they understand?

The soldiers were wearing steel helmets.


I'm so happy we understand each other.

I don't want him to forget.

They talked far into the night.


They want to build one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

I could never do that sort of thing.

The assembly line brings efficiencies through the division of labour, but the supervisor decides from day to day about the assignment of jobs.

We flew across the Atlantic.

The motion was carried unanimously.


She asked me, can I read and write.

I cannot forgive him because he insulted me in public.

I regret that a previous engagement prevents me from accepting your kind invitation.

I commute to work for an hour.

Rose is a loving and caring lady.

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Jill is digging a hole.