5 great careers for animal lovers
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Love animals? 

Take a look at this list of careers that will keep you around animals nearly every day of your work life.

5 favorite resources of workforce professionals
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CareerOneStop has resources tailored to help make your work in career exploration and job search more efficient and accurate.

The bonus is that they’re all free, whether you choose to just bookmark them, or insert into your own website.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!
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Whether you’re a current, former, or future student, this is the week to #thankateacher.

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve gathered some teacher-related career stats.

Find a summer job!
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Having a summer job means earning a paycheck, gaining work skills, meeting new people, and may even be a lot of fun.

Locate youth employment programs in any U.S. neighborhood
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Do you have young people in your life who could use some job, training, or career assistance?

Youth employment programs offer a range of services to help people plan and achieve career, training, or employment goals.

Career Profile: Administrative Professionals


National Administrative Professionals’ Day is observed on April 25 this year.

Not only is it a great day to appreciate the work of individuals in these fields, but it’s also a chance to consider a career as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Research your local job market
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Did you know CareerOneStop offers a collection of reports to help you better understand the employment climate where you live?

Learn about IT certifications
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Earning a certification can give you a big leg up in the job market.

Or if you are already working in an Information Technology—or IT—field, certifications can distinguish you as more prepared for advancement in your field.

Financial Literacy Month: Resources for teaching income and employment
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April is Financial Literacy Month—it’s a great time for kids and adults to learn and practice good financial habits, and it’s also a prime time for teachers to incorporate aspects of financial literacy into the school day.

Career Profile: Registered Nurses
Male and female nurses at desk

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As of the most recent (2016) national count, there are nearly 3 million registered nurses working in the United States. That’s a huge number of jobs for one occupation!

And RN jobs are expected to continue to grow very fast over the next ten years.