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GoLeads Can Create an Email List for You And Help You Grow Your Business
To help kick start your business, consider doing an email campaign by having GoLeads create an email list for you from our Email Database. Email lists from GoLeads are targeted and clean. We have access to virtually any type of targeted audience. Email lists are a great way to get your message out quickly, effectively and inexpensively!
Targeted Emails Lists are ideal because:
Gets Your Message Out Quickly – within minutes your message will start being received by your targeted audience.
Gives You Quick Response – Potentially you could start hearing from your recipients within 24 hours depending upon your email. There’s nothing better than talking to prospects and customers right after you sent something out to them.
Provides You a Targeted Audience – Unlike low-cost email providers, the email list we deploy for your company will be targeted specific to your market or product. We want you to be successful, and we want nothing more than your email campaign to be successful.
Gives You Return on Investment – Depending upon your product, it may not take much to make money. Sometimes it only takes 1 customer to make your email campaign successful. GoLeads will do everything possible to make sure you make money.
Can Be Very Flexible – This means you can add links, videos, etc that can give your recipients all the information they need to learn more about you and your product. Sometimes the more interactive, the better.
Creating and Executing is EASY – This is because GoLeads will take you through everything you need to do (and know) when executing an email campaign. Know this: we will not abandon you because we want your campaign to be very successful.
So call GoLeads Today. And let’s kick-start your business and find you some new customers using our email database.


Now is a great time to consider doing an email campaign. That’s because we have slashed the price of campaigns over 50%. For as little as $800, you can get as many as 20,000 emails out to your prospective customers. That’s less than half-a-penny per lead! You can’t beat it. So call us today at 402-334-1824 and ask for Shala.
If you’ve never done an email campaign before – don’t worry. We can do just about everything for you, and take the intimidation and worry out of the equation. Call us today and we will walk you through exactly how the process works.
So, call GoLeads today at 402-334-1824 and ask for Shala. Email is a great way to jump-start the New Year.
Here’s to a GREAT 2012. We look forward to working with you, and helping you increase your revenues. Thank you again for being a customer.
GoLeads Team
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