Welcome to Weis Associates, LLC. I am Shirley Weis, President.  Weis Associates provides services in the areas of:tcb-10-11

  • Strategic healthcare management consulting–Helping  organizations determine their best fit in the changing world of healthcare reform. This service can include
    assistance to hospitals, physicians and payers as they form accountable care organizations (ACOs). She has served on the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees and affiliated boards; the Board of Directors established for a joint, for-profit healthcare venture in Hyderabad, India; Winona State University Foundation Board; and numerous other boards and governing bodies. She is also a member of the American World Clinics Advisory Board.
  • Leadership development and coaching–Helping individuals and groups become more effective leaders and managers.
  • Keynote speaking–Providing organizations with inspirational presentations for a variety of professional and general audiences.
  • Strategic planning–Facilitation services in developing organization-wide, department, business unit or marketing and promotion strategic plans.


What better way to add to your professional experience than to be mentored by a national leader in healthcare administration while working for the top brand in the business? Weis has made a habit of mentoring employees, especially women and minorities. Once hired, you could be there to stay. After Mayo’s operating margin dropped to zero in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008, Weis worked her magic and avoided layoffs altogether…

                                            –Twin Cities Business Magazine

Additional information is available on the following pages. Should you wish to contact me, please call 480.314.3342 or write to me at saw@weisassociates.org

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